About us

Hoji is founded on the guiding principles of efficiency, quality and stellar customer service.

Hoji is Swahili for question or interrogate, and that’s exactly our promise. We use mobile technology to help organizations obtain the answers they need to make smart, evidence-based decisions.

Our platform enables organizations to quickly create and deploy digital data collection tools to mobile devices. Enumerators then collect and transmit data from the field in real-time. Once received, the data is instantly analyzed to produce actionable insights and report-ready analysis, not only saving time and money but also delivering unparalleled quality and efficiency.


To be the most robust, flexible and easy-to-use mobile data collection and analysis platform.


To help organizations collect and analyze field data for smart and timely decision making.



Gitahi Ng’ang’a
Managing Director

Gitahi is a graduate statistician and experienced software developer who spent over 6 years working for research and health informatics organizations. Over the course of his service, he helped develop informatics and data collection solutions for various projects. He is a passionate technologist, tenacious entrepreneur and armchair philosopher. At Hoji, he oversees business, product and talent development.


Collins Kiptoo
Operations Director

Collins is a CPA(K) and BA Economics graduate. He has more than 5 years experience in financial management, internal controls and business operations acquired in the real estate, telecoms and hospitality industries. He is a scrupulous accountant, dedicated businessman and indefatigable cheerleader. His primary role at Hoji involves managing day-to-day operations and keeping an eye on the bottom line.