Frequently asked questions

  • What exactly do I pay for?

    You pay for the records i.e. the interviews or cases that you upload to the server. Each record costs 1 credit to upload. Image attachments are charged 1 extra credit each. Check out the available credit bundles on our pricing page.

  • Can I test the service for free?

    Of course you can! Once you sign up, we give you 50 FREE credits to get you started, valid for 14 days. We do not ask for payment information until you are actually ready to buy your first bundle of credits.

  • How much is a credit?

    The cost per credit varies between $0.40 and $0.20 for self-service prepaid clients depending on the bundle selected. The cost for enterprise clients is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • What else do I pay for?

    You can opt to pay for dashboards and pivot tables at an additional cost of $79 per month, billed annually. Dashboards are a premium feature that gives you a lot more flexibility in analyzing and presenting your data.

  • What infrastructure do I need to run Hoji?

    You only need Android phones or tablets for your field officers. You don’t need to procure or install a server. We securely host the data for you in the cloud.

  • How many users, devices or projects can I deploy?

    As many as you like. There are no limits to the number of users, devices or projects you can deploy, provided you have enough upload credits in your account.

  • How safe and secure is my data?

    We use industry standard TLS to secure your data in transit. Our servers are procured from reputable hosting companies with solid, time-tested security practices.

  • Am I billed for testing and/or training data?

    Of course not! As long as your project is in test mode, no charges are incurred. In test mode, you are allowed to accumulate up to 10 records, after which new records overwrite the old ones.

  • Do credits expire?

    Yes. Credits are valid for between 6 and 12 months from the date of last use, depending on the bundle. This means that provided you keep using the platform by submitting data, your credits will never expire.

  • Can I buy individual credits?

    No. All credits are sold in bundles. Plan your project carefully to ensure you buy the right bundle.

  • Who can use Hoji free of charge?

    If you are a humanitarian organization responding to a crisis such as a natural disaster or accident anywhere in the world, we may offer our services to you for free.

  • How do I script my questionnaire?

    You don’t need any scripting. Hoji supports and easy-to-use point-and-click interface for questionnaire digitization. We can also “digitize” your questionnaire for you at an additional cost.

  • What question types does Hoji support?

    Textual data, numeric data with and without decimals, binary data, categorical data including multiple selections, images, labels, dates, time, sampling frame and even longitudinal data collection, also known as case management.

  • What reports does Hoji support?

    Frequency distributions, advanced summary statistics, pivot tables, dashboards, maps and project management reports.

  • Can I collect image data?

    Yes you can. But because images are bulky, we bill 1 extra credit for each image submitted.