What Hoji is and what it isn’t

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Two weeks ago I shared with you 10 reasons why you should use Hoji for data collection. Today, I’d like to help clear up some of the confusion faced by people who are still trying to decide if Hoji is truly the best tool for their needs.

Save your time

As you might remember, one of our commitments to you is to save your time as much as we can. Our service must never be a bottleneck in the accomplishment of the all-important development work you do. In keeping with this commitment, here’s a brief description of what Hoji is and what it isn’t to help you quickly decide whether it is the right solution for you.

  1. Hoji is particularly useful for quantitative data collection that doesn’t involve much free text and/or voice recording.
  2. Hoji is NOT nearly as useful for qualitative data collection with lots of free text and/or voice recording.
  3. Hoji is an alternative to other mobile data collection software such as ODK, SurveyToGo, Redcap, Magpi and CSPro.
  4. Hoji is NOT an alternative to full scale data analysis and GIS software such as SPSS, SAS, R, STATA, ArcGIS and QGIS.
  5. Setting up projects on Hoji, deploying them to mobile devices and collecting data is all free of charge.
  6. Transmitting the data collected via mobile devices to the server is NOT free of charge, although a free plan exists for small scale use.
  7. Hoji supports both online and offline data collection. When online, the data collected is instantly transmitted to the server, otherwise it is stored for later transmission.
  8. Hoji is intended to be used primarily on a self service basis. However, large organizations with complex needs may find value in paying for dedicated support.

If this sounds interesting, take a few minutes to read What can we do for you? As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.


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